Telugu Politics

1.16 Crores seized in Nandyal region

As per the information, around 1.16 Crores has been seized in the Nandyal region, which is said to be on the process of getting into the hands of voters. Which party was caught in this action was not yet revealed to the media. An estimation of almost 20 – 30 Crores was spent by the political parties to dominate in this region. Around 2.5 lakh voters were present in this region and every vote counts for the victory.

Taking this into consideration, political parties decided to shower money on the voters. It seems that the election campaigning was done and the leaders who came from outside to support the local candidates were back to their places. Local leaders were crossing their fingers to know who wins the elections. 1110 polling locations were being set up by the Election Commission and all measures are being taken to reduce the corruption and malpractices in the voting. Stay tuned to know more updates on Nandyal region.