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10 rupee coins in more demand than 2000 rupee notes

RBI reported 12000 Crores loss due to demonetization!

A strange theft happened in Delhi where the robbers didn’t touch Rs.2000 notes and took away Rs.10 coins in 46 plastic bags. The reason for this is that the publicity going on in the media that Rs.2000 notes will have chips inside them which will track the position. As per the story, a set of thieves came for a robbery and they found Rs.2000 notes and coins in the chest. They thought that they would get caught due to the chip in the Rs.2000 notes and hence took the coins.

After investigation, the Police officials found that the thieves are the people who are working in a nearby bus depot. On questioning, they revealed that they were scared of taking away Rs.2000 notes due to the chip factor. Around 2.3 lakhs of coins were taken away by these people and the entire amount was recovered. Rumors too saves money from being theft!