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2019 elections fever: Balayya to get bouncers?

Balakrishna not to risk with Mokshagna

It is known that the slapping incidents which got recorded and turned viral in the internet, troubled the star politically. Chandra Babu Naidu is said to have fed up with those videos as they are bringing negativity on TDP and he is said to have got decided to push Nara Lokesh in Hindupur instead of Balakrishna. If Balayya doesn’t control his hand, it might be a tough one for TDP in the next elections, is the discussion in social media.

On this, insiders mentioned that Balakrishna has a master plan. It seems that the Nandamuri hero will be having bouncers all the time when he goes out into the public. Slapping will be taken care of by the bouncers if any unexpected situation happens around him. There were few reasons in the social media that fans stepped on his leg and hence Balakrishna got angry on them. Now, if any such incident happens, bouncers will take care of it and Balakrishna will be safe.