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21 year old arrested for cheating Amazon India

21 year old from Delhi cheated Amazon India by ordering stuff and confusing the delivery person for different addresses and claiming he didn’t receive the package. In between April and May, he made almost 50 lakhs with this fraud business tactics. He managed to use different phone numbers and different addresses to cheat the company. The investigation report shows that he ordered smart phones of high end models and sold them in olx and in the market to people.

Amazon got suspicious on this activity and reported it to the Delhi Police. After investigation, Delhi Police came up with the result that it was Delhi based 21 year old youngster named Chopra who was doing the fraud. Almost 19 phones, 12 lakhs cash has been seized from Chopra and he was kept behind bars. Interestingly, Chopra has done Hotel Management course and is an educated person. Unemployment is said to be the main reason for the young lad to get into this track.