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50 lakhs for each Telengana collector – KCR rules

Mission Bhagiratha to decide KCR’s fate in 2019 elections!

KCR fired on the officials in Telengana region saying that the records for the land were not in the right format. Speaking on this KCR stated that it is becoming tough for the government to implement schemes to benefit the people. He arranged a meeting with all the government officials including the collectors for all the districts. KCR stated that he is allocating 50 lakhs for each collector to hire temporary employees and finish the task of making land records perfect in Telengana region.

KCR gave full control to the collectors on this issue and he directed other officials to help them in the process. As 2019 elections are fast approaching, governments of the Telugu speaking states are getting worried about the completion of the promises. Pressure is getting built on the government officials and major chunk of work is getting done. Hope this helps both the states to grow further on the development side.