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6 Crores for hot beauty’s skin show


Skin show is quite common in film industry. The level of skin show depends on the decision of actress and the remuneration. Now-a-days skin show is becoming popular not only in films but also in ads. It seems that the beauty product companies are coming forward to pay lump sum amounts for models and actresses who are ready to show their beautiful skin.

Hot Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone made a contract of 6 Crores with a Skin Care brand. It is known that this beauty is quite free for skin show and hence this Skin Care brand came forward to show her beautiful skin to small screen audience. With this contract, Deepika Padukone galloped to ace position with respect to endorsements.

Just like beauty queens Aishwarya Rai, Susmitha Sen and Katrina Kaif, this beauty is concentrating on South Indian film industry apart from Bollywood. This is helping her in gathering the fan following from South. As she has fans all over India, several popular brands are coming forward to rope her into their ads.