Telugu Politics

Why AIADMK is looking at Ajith as Jaya’s political successor?


Jayalalitha’s demise is a big loss for AIADMK as the party has been depending completely on Amma for all aspects. Jayalalitha is the main reason for AIADMK to stand on the top in the elections and losing such a powerful person damaged AIADMK to major extent. Jayalalitha came into politics as a successor to MGR, who was also a great leader.

Now, “Who will be the successor for Jayalalitha?” turned to be the question. “Will that person again be from the film industry?” is another doubt in the minds of people. Kollywood hero Ajith’s name was appearing in the media as political successor to Jayalalitha. Ajith has an immense fan following in Kollywood and he is known to be a very genuine person.

The way Ajith raised from a low level lifestyle to a popular film actor shows his leadership and determination. As he has all the required features to be a good leader, we can expect some update on this from AIADMK in near future.