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Its almost official: Nikhil to fight with Varun Tej in February

Young bankable hero Nikhil’s ongoing flick Kiraak Party is inching close to its wrap update. So the makers are looking forward to releasing this flick on 9th February of 2018.

But on the same day, the mega prince Varun Tej’s Tholi Prema has been releasing and this movie’s producer BVSN Prasad has made it official. Knowing this news, the producer of Kiraak Party, Anil Sunkara too opted for the same date. Varun’s flick is directed by a debutant Venki Atluri but he has got some experience in writing department. On the other side, Kiraak Party is also directed by a debutant as well but the movie is a safe venture because the original became a blockbuster in Karnataka. Varun Tej’s Tholi Prema is a complete feel-good love story whereas Kiraak Party is full-fledged college drama filled with fun, love, and fights.

For now, the fight is inevitable as both the producers are very firm on their stands. But some critics say that Kiraak Party will dominate the fight for its magnanimity. The first reason being that the hero Nikhil is attempting an entertainer with thrillers and the second reason being a remake of already successful story. Samyukta Hegde is the female lead. Also, screenplay by Sudheer Varma and dialogues by Chandoo Mondeti have added supports to this flick. Let us wait and watch this mini-war on 9th February of next year.