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Amithab and Abhishek Bachan got injured at Bal Thackeray’s place!


Big B Amithab Bachan and his son Abhishek Bachan rushed to Bal Thackeray’s place soon after knowing the seriousness of the situation of Bal Thackeray. In fact, they were the first celebrities to pay a visit to this leader. 
In the process of seeing Bal Thackeray, Amithab and Abhishek encountered huge crowd. It took them some time to make a line from the crowd. Meanwhile, Amithab and Abhishek were injured while fighting their way through the mighty crowd near the place. Sources revealed that the Kurta worn by Big B was a bit torn in this process. 
Finally they reached the destination crossing Seva Sena followers and met Bal Thackeray. After coming back, Amithab responded to the media saying, “Yes we were a bit injured with few cuts. We were safe now. Bal Thackeray needs all our prayers. Hope he gets well soon.”