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Analysis: 70 years of independence – How far did India go?

70 years of independence and the nation is progressing in the right direction. In the initial days, it took lot of time for the nation to adjust itself but in the recent times the nation has been progressing tremendously. The space research organization ISRO raised from the level of requesting other nations to send Indian satellites to the level of taking contracts from other nations to send their satellites. ISRO has been the most promising space research organization in the world and is expected to cross NASA in coming decades.

DRDO, on the other hand, is going for several tie-ups with Russia and Israel to develop indigenous weaponry. Currently, India is selling Brahmos missile to various nations. Even though India is one of the biggest weaponry importer in the world, it is now slowly emerging as weapons seller to the world. Other fields too were looking promising and India is becoming the largest producer of Engineers and Doctors to the world.

On the negative side, the divide and rule policy which Britishers implemented to divide the nation is still existing. Even though Britishers left India long back, few politicians took charge on the same concept with caste and religion. Caste based divide and rule policy is very popular in South Indian states. If we can have politicians who work for Indians rather than working for a specific caste or religion, the nation will grow further quickly.

Sanitation is another major problem for India. Most of the rivers in the nation were polluted. The population of the nation is expected to raise exponentially in the next few years. In this scenario, if we can’t concentrate on sanitation, future generation will face lot of problems. Effective waste disposal should be the primary target and Engineers in India should concentrate on developing effective methods to counter this problem. What is the use of doing Engineering when we were not able to solve the real world problems?

BJP government is looking promising and the initiatives were experimental. But their intention to make India better is appreciable. Lets support all the good politicians in the nation and not the ones who follows the divide and rule policy or the ones who are hungry for power and not for giving good life to people. India’s future is looking great and it will look even more better if we solve our problems soon. Wishing all Indians a very “Happy Independence Day” and an amazing time ahead solving the problems in the nation and making India a better place to live.

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