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Analysis: TDP’s Nandyal victory effect on YSRC


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TDP vs YSRC is a tough fight in Andhra Pradesh. If TDP can win in the upcoming elections, it would impact YSRC to the core and the party may get dismantled. If it happens in the other way, TDP may get completely affected and YSRC may start building its power in the state. Hence, the on going sequence is a tough one for both the parties. In fact, both the parties were trying their level best to dominate one another.

Even for small scale elections top leaders of the parties were stepping into the zone to help the representatives win the polling. In the latest Nandyal elections, almost all the party leaders came on to support the Bhuma family and it helped them to win the battle. YSRC tried their best and in spite of YS Jagan’s stay in Nandyal for 13 days, it didn’t work out at the polling. Now tension started in YSRC as this will surely show impact on the next elections in Kakinada. If YSRC loses in Kakinada too, we can expect confusion among the YSRC leaders which will further strengthen TDP. Lets see how Jagan tackles this situation.