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Anushka got promotion from bikini to leaves!

Curvy beauty Anushka Shetty is well known in Tollywood for acting in various spectacular roles. She maintained difference in case of choosing her character from film to film. She acted as a cute actress as well as a glam doll. She donned the role of lady James Bond besides the role of an innocent village girl. These variations helped Anushka in gathering fans belonging to all age groups.

Now this beauty is all set to add another feather to her hat. She made youngster go crazy by glittering in bikini in the flick “Billa”. Now she stepped further and replaced this dress with leaves. Sources close to Anushka stated that this beauty is going to appear in tribal style and hence she is going to wear an attire made of leaves. To appear natural, Anushka decided to go for original leaves just like the tribal. This bold step of Anushka is raising the level of heat in her fans.
This character is expected to be the most glamorous one in the career of Anushka till date. This beauty is extending herself in all scopes. Be it glamour or traditional or modern or any other aspect, Anushka is aspiring to see the peaks. Get ready folks to see her in the costume of leaves.