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Anushka worked harder than Prabhas and Rana: Rajamouli

A top media house has interviewed the star director S S Rajamouli in the famous show Open Heart with RK. In the show, this creative maker has unveiled an interesting point about the lead actress Anushka.

As the host asked the director about Anushka’s size and non-uniform shape throughout the movie, Rajamouli has defended his lead actress. Rajamouli said that the movie Size Zero made Anushka gain some pounds. After the movie, Rajamouli has asked her to trim down a bit for the movie. The director said that he was astonished by the way Anushka worked at the gym, in fact, more than the lead actors Prabhas and Rana. Finally, she successfully lost some kilos and they shot the famous arrows fight scene. It’s then the lady went to Romania and had a thigh injury severely. As the doctor has advised complete bed rest, she has put on the weight again and that is the reason for her difference in shape throughout the movie.

This explanation has erased the rumor that Anushka has a serious health problem and that the reason she didn’t lost her weight. Anushka is indeed a hard worker.