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Apollo released the real truth behind Jayalalitha’s death

Skeleton found in Jayalalitha’s guest house

After a huge suspense and after a long time, Apollo finally released the real truth behind Jayalalitha’s death. The report released by Apollo states that Jayalalitha faced a tough situation after eating lot of ice creams. This is stated to be the reason for her to fall unconscious which led to medical emergency. There has been a debate on the past medical report of Jayalalitha. Few supporters of Jayalalitha demanded for a perfect report as the ones which were given in the past were confusing the people.

On this, Apollo recently released a perfect report which says that the ‘consumption of ice creams’ is the main culprit. When Jayalalitha was admitted in hospital, she was said to be having thyroid and high BP too. Apollo finalized that there were no injuries on the body of Jayalalitha, during the time of admission into the hospital. Jayalalitha was said to be in consciousness for almost two weeks before she died.