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Apollo’s sensational statements on Jayalalitha


Jayalalitha was in hospital for almost 2 months and the doctors who treated her mentioned few interesting aspects. They mentioned that they were under extreme pressure as they have the intention to keep the hopes of few Crores of people alive. They were stated to have tried their best to give her the best treatment.

Speaking on how Jayalalitha behaved during the treatment days, Apollo Vice Chairman Dr.Prathap Reddy mentioned that she spent her last days laughing and cracking jokes in the hospital. It seems that Jayalalitha is quite humorous in nature and her jokes used to make the nurses and doctors fall on floor laughing. For the people who know Jayalalitha as a strong and reserved lady, this humorous angle is something unexpected.

Jayalalitha is said to have showed good progress in the initial days but later on the cardiac arrest decreased the hopes for the doctors. 74 days of treatment in Apollo has good impact on the blood pressure levels of the doctors.