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AR Rehman wife’s unique talent

Music maestro A.R.Rehman tuned the ears of music lovers with his pleasant yet emotional songs. He is well known to picturize the situation in his mind and eventually scoring a tune for it. This talent is quite rare in the music world. Just like A.R.Rehman’s music talent, his wife Saira is having a unique talent.

It seems that Saira can say things the person is wearing just by recognizing the smell. Speaking about this talent, close source to Rehman’s family stated that, “Saira is fond of perfumes. Her smelling sense is really great.

She can say the object by smelling its fragrance.” Even though Saira loves perfumes, she never goes for alcohol containing ones. She selects oil based perfumes instead.  

It is a bit rare to find both husband and wife embedded with precious talents.