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B.Tech students from premier institution caught in drugs case

Hi-Tech loss for Hyderabad due to drugs case!

We see regularly in job ads that says, B.Tech from premier institutions like IITs, NITs, IIITs, etc desired and the package is not a constraint. Looks like, companies were now fearing to hire talent from top colleges. Even if they hire, they are taking the background check and the conduct of the student into consideration before releasing the offer letter. There are several reasons for this condition. One of them is the drug addicts.

As per the information, couple of students from NIT Warangal were caught selling drugs to other students. Further investigation is going on and we have to see how many students will be charged on drug addict case. Not just drugs, caste feeling too is raising in premier colleges. Forming groups as per the community (Can be caste, language, etc) and cold wars were said to be raising in the Engineering colleges. This is raising heavily in premier institutes and companies were fearing to take candidates as they may form unions inside the company or may disturb the corporate culture and make things into a mess. Background check is now becoming popular in tech companies.