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Babu doubting T-TDP leaders performance


The TDP National President Nara Chandrababu Naidu seems to be unhappy with the performances of his Telangana Party head Revanth Reddy.

CBN has recently participated in his Telangana State TDP Party meeting along with the Telangana TDP President L Ramana and working President A.Revanth Reddy. During the meeting, he has clearly expressed his displeasure with the leader’s performance. He claimed that earlier TDP recruited 50 lakhs new memberships and this year, the leader Revanth Reddy has worked to achieve only 32.50 lakhs enrollments so far. These numbers are not up to mark in CBN’s view. So he asked the leaders to work hard and get progress in enrollment. He also reminded them that the new member will be insured with 2 lakh rupees. He made it clear the party will be increased only if the leaders are powerful.

On the same note, he has praised the leaders for keeping the party as strong as before in cadre and regional level. He heaped praises on his Telangana MLA’s for countering the TRS governance every now and then on various issues like farmers loan waiver, fee reimbursement etc. He then ensured that he will spend more time to strengthen the T-TDP furthermore.