Telugu Politics

Balayya got a loyal PA for TDP


We all know the entire story of MLA Balayya former PA Sekhar and his over action in Hindupur constituency. Finally, h was sacked and new PA was appointed.

With the force and complaints of other TDP leaders, MLAs and activists, Balayya sprung into action and removed Sekhar from all the affairs. The new PA-appointed recently and all are happy with the new one. Krishna Murthy is a famous secretary in the party of TDP from ages. He is known for his commitment, hard work, and loyalty to the party. He has worked as general secretary to the TDP state Office and as a president to the TDP Kadapa district. He has known for his friendship with rival parties as well and can solve any matter without fights with compromises.

The leaders of TDP in and around Hindupur are happy with the new PA as they came to know that the PA was Krishna Murthy. They can now communicate with Balayya properly. The local public and officers also expressed their relief in media. CBN is the man behind this appointment as he thought the Hindupur seat is one of the important segments in the AP state which has nice vote bank for TDP.