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Balayya’s clarity over slapping fans

Yuvaratna Nandamuri Bala Krishna has been busy juggling between his political meetings and his ongoing flick under K.S Ravi Kumar. In a recent interaction with media, he has opened up on this issue with slapping fans.

The videos of Balayya slapping his fans often trend on Youtube every now and then as he keeps doing the same thing whenever he is in the crowd. Earlier this star hero stated that his loves love his slaps in Paisa Vasool pre-release function which invited to unwanted debates. To end this issue for forever, he has given his clarification regarding this. Balayya claims that he never uses bouncers like all the other star heroes and he prefers to go alone among fans. So it is obvious that one or more fans jump on him in order to shake Balayya’s hand and it causes an unwanted trouble to this hero. As a result, he slaps fans who cross their limit and trouble Balayya. However, this successor of NTR declares that he will stop slapping his fans as he is thinking of hiring Bouncers who would protect him in the crowd.

His ongoing flick just finished a schedule in Kumbakonam and the team has returned to Hyderabad. Soon the next big schedule will start the sets erected inside the city. The director K.S Ravi Kumar is considering a powerful name Karna as the title of this flick. C Kalyan is bankrolling this movie.