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Benefit Shows mafia scaring all?

Generally it is quite a tedious task to take a film with star heroes. Right from the film’s announcement, the film will generate tremendous interest irrespective of the talk. However many are now getting scared of people who are out to make easy money out of benefit shows taking advantage of the craze for the film among fans. 
Ahead of the film release, few people in the name of fans associations and media, starts organising benefit shows in various theatres and make huge money by selling the shows for a whopping, exorbitant amounts. They are coming with various names like benefit shows,fans shows, premier shows etc. 
Now many are wondering who will bell the cat called Benefit Shows mafia by taking action against them. A day should come where tickets would be sold for the same rate for any film. One shouldn’t allow theatres to have more than 4-5 shows. This will prevent people to look for options of making profits with in the first week. Sale of tickets through online will help even the producers. This will put an end to distributors and exhibitors taking producers for a ride. 
Few years back women used to enter theatres to watch films on the first day. This used to help the film have long run with the word of mouth. But now under the current circumstances, women are unable to watch the film till one week. Police,collectors and officlas are maintaing stoic silence. When asked about high rates, they are shocking with questions like who asked you to come on the first day or wait and watch after one month. 
Fans come with shocking explanation saying they need to spend for the hero’s cutouts,banners,decoration to theatres, garlands etc. Exhibitors and distributors question whether anyone know for how much they bagged the rights. Government should take action to prevent any attempt by people to make profits illegally and also looting in the name of charity. If they cannot put No Entry Board for common viewers.