Telugu Politics

Is BJP playing with CBN and A.P?


The recent actions and plans by PM Modi and BJP government are raiding enormous doubts for the people of Andhra Pradesh. Let us have a look at some serious points.

Firstly, Modi’s demonetization effect has caused many problems to the state but at the same time, they have been responding immediately whenever out CM Chandrababu Naidu calls for help. Recently, BJP has planned a big meeting on the occasion of Modi’s visit to big science congress that is to be organized at Tirupati in January.

Now, the state BJP leader has shifted that meeting from Tirupati to Kadapa. Analysts say that having the meeting in Kadapa will represent BJP is fighting against TDP’s rival Jagan as Kadapa is the fortress of Y.S Jagan. Whereas if they organize meeting in Tirupati being the hometown of Chandrababu Naidu, he would get hurt thinking that BJP is trying to conquer his place.

Last but not the least, is the Special Package. BJP has promised about it and after winning elections, Modi has kept his mouth shut about Special Category Status. After some pressure from Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan, the center has announced Special Package to calm the people of AP and CBN.

By looking at all these, one can’t stop the feeling that BJP and Modi are playing with people of AP and CBN. Well, one can’t wait to listen to Modi’s speech about AP in the upcoming big meeting of BJP in Kadapa in January.