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BJP Slams KTR in support of Kodandaram


Some BJP leaders have found fault with TRS Minister KTR for his derogatory comments on T-JAC Founder and President Professor Kodandaram on sharing the dais with T-TDP MLA Revanth.

BJP Warangal district Rural President Edla Ashok Kumar has spoken to the press at Atmakur yesterday. He slammed KTR for commenting on Kodandaram. Edla Ashok Kumar declared that KTR doesn’t even have the right and stature to talk about Kodandaram. He claimed that it was Kodandaram who has formed a Joint Action Committee to fight for Telangana.

Ashok Kumar went further and said that none other can Kodandaram can bring all parties and unions under one roof that is T-JAC. He asked KTR that how he has the rights to comment as he was enjoying in the USA while all were fighting in Telangana to achieve separate Telangana.

Other leaders like the local Atmakur Mandal President Gurijala Sriram and one of the party’s senior leader Mutyala Srinivas have spoken the same in support of Kodandaram. They have asked to stay patient regarding the demonetization issue that the nation will soon see the fruits of this step taken by their supreme Modi.