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BJP Vs YSRC – TDP getting bashed inbetween!

YS Jagan got his lesson from Nandyal and Kakinada elections

“Special Status” vs “Special Package”, this is an old story in Andhra Pradesh. TDP government accepted for “Special Package” and few people agitated for a while for “Special Status”. YSRC leaders were still firing on the TDP and BJP saying that the “Special Status” would have done good benefit for the state and with “Special Package”, BJP just skipped the benefits the state is intended to get.

On this, BJP shot back saying that the central government gave 2.19 Lakh Crores to AP government for development activities. BJP leader Vishnu Vardhan further challenged YSRC that BJP can show all the proofs in the form of bank statements if needed. In between the fight of BJP and YSRC, TDP is getting bashed as people started questioning the government on where the funds went into. Looks like, TDP will be on fire during elections time as YSRC will question “Special Package” and BJP will reveals all the money it gave to the state and it is up to TDP to prove how it spent the money to the people.