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BJP’s Diwali Dhamaka to small scale business people

Narendra Modi’s final touch – Removal of Caste based reservation!

BJP government decided to offer discount for small scale business people in the recently implemented GST. It is  a fact that people got disturbed to the core with demonetization. The immediate GST implementation created chaos situation in the nation. Mainly the small scale business people who do transactions in cash, were forced to file taxes and that too quite frequently which literally made them turn against the government.

Now, BJP leader Narendra Modi stated that government is offering benefits in GST for small scale business and this is said to be impacting 25% of the businesses in the nation. He further stated that the BJP government is making people celebrate Diwali before the festival itself. On this mixed response is being seen in the social media. Few were supporting the initiative while few were opposing it saying after pushing into fire, bringing them back into the pan is a bit of relief.