Telugu Politics

BJP’s intention behind pulling Krishnam Raju to Tamil Nadu


Narendra Modi is a top class strategist in Indian politics. His views and strategies makes BJP win most of the times in tough wars. Tamil Nadu region turned weak soon after the demise of Jayalalitha. BJP is eyeing to use this opportunity to pull in the state into their account. AIADMK which is currently looking weak will take the help of BJP to look stronger in this region.

In this scenario, BJP is proposing Krishnam Raju as the governor of Tamil Nadu. “What is the real intention behind Krishnam Raju to enter Tamil Nadu region?” turned to be the main point of focus. There is a war inside AP BJP that they should push loyal members like Purandeshwari or Kanna Lakshminarayana instead of Krishnam Raju. They are saying that Krishnam Raju moved from BJP to PRP and then to Congress and now to BJP back again. Hence they were asking how they can trust Krishnam Raju’s loyalty.

On the other hand, political analysts are saying that BJP is eyeing Krishnam Raju seeing Prabhas. This star’s “Bahubali” turned to be a huge hit in Indian media and if BJP pampers Krishnam Raju well, they can use Prabhas for the upcoming elections campaigning. More over, a known star like Prabhas may help BJP better in the weak spot of Tamil Nadu in the current scenario.