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BJP’s shock to AIADMK – Control on Tamil Nadu!


BJP government is shocking AIADMK party members with the IT raids. As per the latest details, almost all the top leaders in AIADMK are now under IT department radar. Sashikala’s finance companies were now facing threat from IT department as the raids are set to shock this political leader. On the other hand, Panner Selvam and Palani Swamy who were in the CM race are now under IT scanners.

If they are found to be corrupted and caught with black money, it would affect AIADMK to the core. In this scenario, BJP can take charge on the state and be a competitor to DMK. Already, with the demise of Jayalalitha, people were said to have lost a bit of their interest on the party and this move from BJP may further weaken the party in Tamil Nadu.

Politicians in Tamil Nadu who are close to TTD board member Sekhar Reddy are now being targeted by IT department.