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Blasting New Year offer for Sunny Leone

New Year is one of the most busiest occasions for film celebrities. They will get hefty price for a single stage show on December 31st night. If the celebrity has worldwide popularity, then that remuneration will be much more higher. This statement is proved by Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone.

Few days back, this beauty got an offer from a private party organizer. They approached her with a deal to pay an amount of around 30 lakhs for a stage show. But the latest buzz is that, this actress got one more huge offer from another private party organizers. The remuneration they offered is 1 Crore.

Till now, top Bollywood bombshells Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu touched this limit and now it is the turn of Sunny Leone. The most astonishing issue is that the above mentioned actresses got this popularity after acting in around 10 films but Sunny Leone reached that stage with just one flick!