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Brain Drain – Raghuram Rajan moved back to US

Raghuram Rajan, the Ex-RBI Governor, who came from USA to serve India under the UPA government mentioned few months back that, Narendra Modi and his team didn’t take his advice before declaring demonetization decision. Raghuram Rajan further clarified that he wrote completely about his life as RBI Governor in his book and it contains the demonetization aspect too. Rajan was not happy with the government’s decision that time.

After serving for 3 years, Raghuram Rajan was sent out of the RBI charges and he is said to have decided to go back to USA to serve as professor in Chicago University. He previously used to work there and came to India just to help the nation grow further. His implementation schemes helped Indian banking sector in lot of ways. Noble prize winner, Richard Thaler praised Raghuram Rajan for his intelligence and mentioned that India did a big mistake by letting him go. He further said that they were lucky to see him back in USA. Thaler and Rajan worked as professors in Chicago University and Rajan competed with Thaler for Noble Prize. Speaking further about Raghuram Rajan, Thaler mentioned that Rajan will surely get Noble prize in near future. India has been losing talent to abroad nations from several years, and the trend continues!