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Britishers eyes on Amaravathi – Trade through hospital!

Long back, Britishers came to India for trade saying that India is a great land and eventually we know what has happened. But things got changed, India got independence and the nation is progressing so fast that UK is behind India in few advanced aspects. Now, the trade between the two nations is starting again but on a positive note. London based Kings College Hospital is powering up a hospital chain in India.

The headquarters for this Indo-UK hospital will be Amaravathi. Chandra Babu Naidu, who is quick to grab this opportunity, allocated 150 acres of land. With an investment of 1600 Crores this hospital chain will start its operations and will expand to 11 different cities in India. The reason for this investment and establishment of the hospitals is that the raising costs of medical treatment in western countries and low cost of treatment in India. As India is dealing with UK in trade again, lets hope the past doesn’t repeat.