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Bullet Train in India – What people say

While the entire world is looking eagerly at India, seeing the developmental activities and the transforming life of the individuals, India decided to go for high speed transportation. Joining hands with Japan, India is starting its first Bullet Train project which is from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. The 8 hours journey will now take just 2 hours if the Bullet Train project turns successful. The foundation stone was laid for this project and the tasks will begin from early next year.

By 2022, India is expected to see its first Bullet Train. On the other hand, people were talking about the problems common man is facing with the current railways. People in Mumbai struggle to travel from one place to another as there is no space in the train and the government is not taking care of raising the railway coaches to meet the demand. People were saying that government should think about the existing problems apart from pushing the nation to the next level.