Telugu Politics

Bulletproof bedroom and bathroom for KCR


We all knew that Telangana CM KCR will son move to his new dream house which is almost finished his construction in Begumpet, Hyderabad. For this house, he has got Bulletproof glasses to his bedroom and bathroom.

Being a CM of the State, he has already got Z+ Category security. In addition to this, all his convoys are bulletproof with jammers. Now he is taking his security level to whole new zone for his new house. By spending almost 50 crores, he has been constructing his dream residential house cum TRS Party main office cum CM Camp office. For this new house, he has got extraordinary concrete walls which are resistant to firing. Even the glasses of Windows for bedroom and ventilators for Bathroom are made up of highly resistant bulletproof glasses. KCR has opted to this bulletproof due to the recommendation of intelligence wings.

Almost 50 security people will be guarding this whole new estate of KCR at Begumpet. KCR will live with his son KTR as well and he has provided the same security to his son’s residing part as well. After 24th, KCR will shift his base to this new house. He has listed out some standard rules to follow for all the visitors who enter into this new arena. Seems KCR is having a life of American President.