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Bus Stop Movie Review

Rating: 3.25/5
Release date: 11-11-2012
“Ee Rojullo” fame director Maruthi’s latest youthful entertainer “Bus Stop” is attracting the attention of Tollywood audience. Mainly this film is targeted towards youth and it made its mark perfectly well. If you like the concept of “Ee Rojullo”, you may tend to like this film too.
There are several scenarios of falling in love and this film shows one. Similarly there are several films which show parents anger on children’s love affair and this film shows this one too. The only difference between this film and other films is that the film director Maruthi focused on the topic ‘When will these youngsters know the value of parents’.
Film Story:
Srinu (Prince) and Sailu (Sri Divya) are friends right from childhood. As they knew the feelings of one another right from small age, they feel like being close to each other till the end of life. This feeling make them fall in love. As usually, parents won’t agree for their love and to make themselves comfortable Srinu and Sailu will get separated from their parents. There will be few side tracks and several sub plots in this sequences. Finally when these youngsters know the value of parents will cover up the remaining story.
Technical Aspects:
Maruthi targeted youngster with his previous film “Ee Rojullo” and he did the same for this film. Few dialogues were quite sharp. Maruthi performed good research on the mentalities of youngsters and he molded this film to match their frequency. He used high quality equipment and we can observe this in the quality of this film. Cinematography and editing are up to the mark and music stood on the top.
Finally, in short:
Director managed to add good entertainment to this film but pumped equal amount of adult content. This made youngsters get attracted to this flick while family audience may feel it a bit tough to go with their children.
Cast: Prince, Sri Divya
Director: Maruthi
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh
Music Director: JB