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Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu movie review

With the fire in his eyes, Power Star Pawan Kalyan roared once again in Tollywood with the latest sensational film “Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu”. Even before forgetting the recent blockbuster “Gabbar Singh”, Pawan Kalyan threw one more hit to his huge fan set in the form of this flick.

Story – This is the weapon

Power Star Pawan Kalyan can be considered as the king of this film and the story of this flick is the weapon. Pawan Kalyan(Rambabu) donned the role of a mechanic who cannot resist injustice. Seeing a news report in a TV channel, Rambabu decides to fight on injustice. In this course, he pounds on the people who are trying to support injustice. Seeing his fire and courage, Tamanna(Cameraman Ganga) gets him a job as a reporter. While covering news, Rambabu encounters head on discussion with Jawahar Naidu(Kota Srinivas Rao) who is the EX CM. Jawahar Naidu aspires to make his son Rana Babu(Prakash Raj) as the next CM. Jawahar Naidu plans to topple present CM Channa keshava Reddy(Nazar) to make his son the CM. Rana Babu challenges Rambabu that he will attain the status of CM using media support. How Rambabu stops this sequence is the story of this film.

Top performers

Obviously Pawan Kalyan is the top performer in this film. The way he delivered the dialogues, his mannerisms as a news reporter and his style will surely spell bound audience. Pawan Kalyan’s combat with villains Kota Srinivas Rao and Prakash Raj can be treated as a highlight. His chemistry with Tamanna Bhatia is perfect on the screen. Comedy scenes with Brahmanandam and Ali are up to the mark.

Scarlett Wilson, Gabriel Bertante and Tamanna succeeded in throwing a feast of glamour for audience. Director could have used these sexy dolls more to spell bound spectators.

Technical aspects

Production values exceeded expectations. Puri Jaganath’s direction and dialogues are quite impressive. Few ups and downs were observed in the screenplay, mainly in the second half. This might be because of the addition of commercial aspects. But slowly it combined with the pace of the film. Editing was appreciable and cinematography was quite beautiful. Choreography can be even better as Pawan Kalyan is a good dancer. Mani Sharma’s background scores merged perfectly with the scenes. His music for this flick is a major asset.

On an average

On an average, this film has all the ingredients needed for a common spectator. This film can be considered as a feast for Power Star fans. Puri Jaganath planned well for this film. In the first half, he gave preference for the spectators to settle down by adding good entertainment. Slowly the film will turn serious focusing on the main theme. This will make spectators feel all corners of entertainment. To reduce the overdose of seriousness, Puri Jaganath added few commercial elements in the second half of the flick. Finally, the film’s climax suits well for the story. The story’s theme demanded this climax and director Puri Jaganath gave his way for it.

Strong message combined with entertainment is “Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu”.

Cast – Pawan Kalyan, Tamanna, Prakash Raj, Nazar, Kota Srinivas Rao, Ali, Brahmanandam, Scarlett Wilson, Gabriel Bertante.

Music Director – Mani Sharma

Producer – D.V.V.Danayya

Cinematography – Shyam K.Naidu

Editor – S.R.Sekhar

Story, screenplay, direction by Puri Jaganath