Telugu Politics

Caste based politics pushing India to the next level!


Diversity in India is the main reason for the entire world to respect the nation. Even though there are several religions and castes, India is always united, is the point which is making westerners appreciate the nation. But, what is happening in the current scenario? Caste based politics turned to be a big headache and is pushing India to the next level in backwardness. In South India, this trend is too high.

Britishers left India long time and the “Divide and Rule” policy is said to be gone. But it still prevails in the form of these caste based politicians. If US says about White, Black, Asian, people say as racism, then what is it happening in India? Is caste related politics not called as racism and the politicians who do these cheap tactics called as racists? When the entire world is concentrating on solving problems, few politicians in India are concentrating on creating problems. The reason why India is still being called as developing nation and not a developed nation.