Telugu Politics

Caste based politics Vs Religion based politics

It is a fact that the one who does good to the people should be the leader. There is no rule that only people from this particular caste or particular religion can do justice to the people. But unfortunately, caste and religion based politics are ruling the nation of India. In spite of getting independence long back from the Britishers who used ‘Divide and Rule’ policy to get into power, politicians in current generation were using ‘Divide and Rule’ policy to get the voter bank.

Even in South India, this sort of politics were quite common. The state of Andhra Pradesh is facing this issue from the past several decades and now the Caste based politics was slowly becoming Religion based politics. On one side, when few politicians were getting the votes saying that they would give reservation to particular Caste, few politicians on the other side, were trying to get the sympathy of the people by including religious heads and promoting themselves to support that particular religious community. At the end, Andhra Pradesh needs a good leader who can understand common man’s problems and solve them without partiality. Hope the state gets a good leader who works for common man rather than for a specific Caste or a Religion.