Telugu Politics

CBI hired 100 members team to investigate Sekhar Reddy case!


Looks like TTD member Sekhar Reddy is giving employment opportunities to Indians. It is known that the TTD member Sekhar Reddy was caught with lump sum cash and gold in his residence. IT department handed the case to CBI for further investigation on who all were behind this scam. New 2000 rupee notes came directly from the printing press to Sekhar Reddy’s home.

They were initially planned to go to certain banks all over South India. If CBI can find out which banks they were expected to go, they can trace who all were involved in this case depending on the cities. CBI can know it using the serial numbers on the notes but Sekhar Reddy is said to have rearranged the bundles to make sure that it turns tough for CBI to investigate. Even after using lots of calculations, CBI was not able to find clues.

Hence, CBI hired 100 members team to note down the serial numbers in excel sheets and later investigate the case.