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CBN breaks Election code in Kuppam

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The Chief Ministry of Andhra Pradesh has given a chance to Election Commission and opposition to point out at him with his recent act.

We all know that the MLC Election Code is currently going on in some districts in Andhra Pradesh. During the code is on, any leader irrespective of their position should not give, protest, promise or give any schemes to the voters. Breaking such code will be punished under the rules of Election Commission. Being in a respected position like CM of a state with much-respected seniority, Chandrababu Naidu has broken this code. He has been to his native place Kuppam which is located in Chittoor district where the MLC code is currently on. CBN went there and praised his government. He went further and promised all the voters in Kuppam to provide them free mineral water to every house. He stated that the government is looking to construct the biggest commercial complex and Britannia company for unemployed youth.

This act of his is now in discussions among political circles. Some are saying that he is misusing his power and canvassing for his party’s MLCs. His followers are defending them that he is talking about his own native place development and it has nothing to do with the MLC elections. Let us wait and see the reactions of oppositions.