Telugu Politics

CBN insisting uninterested Rajamouli?


Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu has determined to make the new capital Amaravathi as one of the top ten cities in the world. As a part of it, he is using all his resources.

We all knew that he used director Boyapati Srinu for constructing sets during the ‘Godavari’ and ‘Krishna’ Pushkara rituals. He is now eyeing on the visionary director S.S Rajamouli to design some themed buildings for the new capital Amaravati. Reports say that he has previously asked Rajamouli to plan some themes even before the construction of new Secretariat. But Rajamouli has asked to excuse in the name of ‘Bahubali’ movie saying that it is not fair to leave a high budget flick in the middle. After all these days, CBN has once again sent the proposal to Rajamouli. As he is finishing the ‘Bahubali:The Conclusion’, he has no chance to escape. So he gave his word to Minister Narayana that he will come and join the action plan committee once he finishes the movie’s complete production.

Now the political analysts and rivals are questioning CBN about the need of Rajamouli’s plans in the construction. They are wondering why CBN is insisting, even forcing Rajamouli for Amaravati. They are stating that CBN wants Amaravathii to be new Mahismati.