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CBN to lead Modi’s special committee


A.P Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has been offered by a respectable and crucial post the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on demonetization.

Post the currency ban on 8th November, the Nation has been witnessing the chaos of the common man to exchange their notes and to get new ones for his survival. Out State is one among such states which uses more currency in circulation. So the PM Modi has asked the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to form a special committee of 5 CMs to deal with the problems caused by the demonetization. CBN being most experienced one and due to his tech savvy nature, he is elected as the head to the committee.

However, the skeptical CBN has told that he is more than happy to lead the committee to solve this burning money ban issue. But at the same time, he made it clear to Jaitley about the current situation of his State. He has addressed all the common man’s problems to the Centre. Other members include Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, Odisha CM Patnaik, and two other BJP CM. this committee will analyze and solve the money ban problems from time to time.