Telugu Politics

CBN to test Lokesh’s skills being CM?


There has been an interesting speculation in the Andhra Pradesh Politics in particularly in TDP groups regarding the CM’s tour of Kuwait.

It is known that the CM CBN is going to visit on a special tour to Kuwait and other developed Arab countries along with a team of 15 delegates from December 10th to 13th. During these 3-4 days, the State needs an in charge. So Chandrababu Naidu has thought that this is the perfect time for his son to have a practice being CM to administer the government.

In other words, he is so enthusiastic to know how he handles the power in these four days. Already necessary information and orders have been passed to all the government departments and TDP leaders.  The reason behind this tour is to observe and survey on the Arabian countries successful trade, commerce and business skills to implement in AP. he is also going to have a look at the incredible infrastructure in those developed nations.

Along with CBN, all the leaders are so keen to see how this TDP National Secretary Lokesh will be handling the State’s administration being a temporary CM for four days. Sources say that CM even asked Lokesh to update about the ongoing works time to time. CM also told his son Lokesh to take the decisions on his own in case of emergency. Let us all wait and see Lokesh.