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CBN Vs KCR on demonetization


There is a big debate going on in both the Telugu States of AP and Telangana regarding the demonetization effect. Interestingly, the debate is neither on PM Modi nor the Central government. But it’s all about the rival Chief Ministers CBN and KCR.

Each and every person in the Telugu States are aware of the fact that the Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu is always in support of demonetization. He even wrote a letter to the PM Modi regarding the currency ban. He is almost the first CM to opinion his voice of support to the demonetization in the entire India. But as the common people are facing hell with this, he has found the fault in the implementation. Recently, we can see his distress and discomfort of this demonetization issue. Even though he is not commenting in public, it is evident that he is not liking this step.

On contrary, the Telangana CM KCR unofficially and partially expressed is dislike on demonetization issue earlier. The financial loss of Telangana due to currency ban has aggravated KCR’s hatred on PM Modi’s step. Later, he started supporting the demonetization. Even yesterday in the Winter Assembly Meetings, he openly declared his full support to PM Modi regarding the demonetization issue. He even assured people to stay with patience to see fruitful results after the deadlines. He declared that he will try to adopt cashless transaction in the state.

This sudden change in the opinions of both the Telugu rival CMs has started big debates everywhere. We need to wait and see until the end which CM’s opinion wins.

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