Telugu Politics

CBN’s false claims on Y.S Jagan boomerangs back


Political games are so interesting if we look at the way how the politicians can make up or break up anything to defeat their rivals. Sometimes it works in a big way but sometimes it backfires in a big way like a boomerang.

Earlier, the central government has asked everyone to deposit the unaccounted money under the scheme of Income Declaration Scheme (IDS). It even declared a sum of 13,000 crores of rupees were accounted as black money in India. When the government declared this amount to public, the CM of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu had tactically utilized this to hit at Y.S Jagan to throw mud. He claimed that 10,000 crores of that amount are actually from one man and that is Y.S Jagan who has excess black money. Remaining MP’s and MLA’s added chorus to CBN. Hurt by these claims, Jagan raged at CBN and wrote a letter to unveil the mystery man demanding justice to him. Shockingly, it was declared that the mystery man is Lakshman who is a businessman who has absolutely no links with Y.S Jagan.

This backfiring of his own missile, now Chandrababu Naidu is in a perplexing situation to respond to his baseless false allegations on his opposition leader Jagan. All this scenario is just an advantage to Y.S Jagan and certainly a bad thing to CBN and TDP leaders.