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CCTV footage missing for Sashikala’s room in jail!


Tamil Nadu’s politician Sashikala was arrested and is in jail from some time. Karnataka Police Officer Roopa gave a report to the higher officials that the Tamil Nadu leader Sashikala is given VVIP treatment in jail. A top level Police Officer is said to have taken 2 Crores to provide such a treatment to Sashikala. This report from Roopa turned sensation in entire South India. Investigation is on progress and Roopa was asked to submit further reports proving her statement.

On this, Roopa gave second report which is even interesting. The CCTV footage for Sashikala’s room in jail has been missing. This means that the higher officials can’t know who met Sashikala and who arranged luxury facilities for the politician. On the other hand, few other cameras which route to Sashikala’s place in jail too stopped working and the footage was said to be deleted. The second report is creating even more controversies and is turning the case into a more interesting one.