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CGR reel burning turned comedy

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, sizzling beauty Tamanna Bhatia starrer film “Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu” turned out serious on the second day of the film release. It attracted the attention of Telengana Activists. They created tension near the offices of Dill Raju and Puri Jaganath.

Few of the activists burnt film reel at “Aaradhana” theatre which made the situation more serious. Few segments of media consulted the film theatre officials and they stated that the theatre supports digital version but not reel version. Then which film’s reel has been burnt at the theatre is the question in everybody’s mind. It has been a bit conformed that the reel which was burnt was not CGR as the theatre supports digital version. This serious reel burning episode turned comedy for spectators but Police Officials are quite serious about this issue. They are doing the investigation seriously as burning a film reel is a big issue whatever may be the film the reel contains.