Telugu Politics

Chandra Babu hiring 60 lakh students on special duty!


Chandra Babu Naidu is known to be the most innovative CM in the past. With the recent attempt, he proved that he is still the most innovative CM. It is known that the RBI is sending currency notes to the respective state governments in installment basis. Around 2000 Crores was received by Andhra Pradesh from RBI and this contains Rs.100 and lower denomination currency.

To avoid the cash crunch, Chandra Babu Naidu passed instructions to activate Jan Dhan cards and Rupay cards for the people encouraging cashless transactions. On the other hand, he hired 60 lakh students on special duty to educate people on the latest technologies of cashless transactions. These students won’t be paid anything but will be appreciated for the service.

KCR came up with an innovative solution of using tokens and micro ATMs in Telengana markets. People needs to give their thumb impression and bank account number and they will be given tokens to buy goods. The amount will be further deducted from their bank accounts automatically. Telugu speaking states proved to the nation that they are No.1 in ease of doing business!