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Charan-Sharwa-Sanjay’s photo decoded

The other day, the mega daughter in law Upasana Konidela has shared a shocking picture of her newly made recyclable Christmas tree. Along with the tree, the mega power star Ram Charan, his bestie Sharwanand and the sensational director Sanjay Reddy were presented. The recent information from Charan’s camp explains this photo.

The director Sanjay Reddy after the stupendous success of Arjun Reddy has planned his next with the young actor Sharwanand. Actually, Sharwa was the first choice of the director for Arjun Reddy but it went into the hands of Vijay and he nailed the movie. Keeping that movie aside, Sharwa who fell flat for Sanjay’s screenplay openly offered a chance to work. Wasting no time, Sanjay prepared a fine script and waiting for the producer. Its then Sharwa took the script to his best friend Charan to recommend a worthy producer. Now the latest news is that Charan himself is bankrolling this flick under his prestigious Konidela Productions. This is a sweet gesture from Charan for his best friend and talented director. If Sanjay repeats the magic of Arjun Reddy yet again, he might directly work with Charan and can direct him within no time.

This flick would take its own time to hit the shooting sets as both Cherry and Sharwa are busy with their individual projects. Meanwhile, Sanjay would prepare a bound script and complete the pre-production without wasting time.


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