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China planning to build positive relationship with India

China’s media war on India – How does Indian media react?

One of the major disadvantage to China during the Doklam issue is the reduction of usage of Chinese products in India. Soon after the issue came into picture, Chinese products lost its demand in Indian market and people started opting for ‘Made in India’ goods. This is a big blow to China as India is the largest importer of Chinese products. If China doesn’t restore the past friendship with India, it would trouble their exports further.

Taking this into consideration and on the occasion of BRICS summit, China decided to move positively towards India and even New Delhi accepted the positive relationship. After the Doklam issue, things were not in right place between the two nations and the BRICS summit is paving a way for positive relationship. Xi and Modi were said to have decided to have a special meeting apart from the summit meetings, on the relationship between the two nations.