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China’s tactics on India regarding US – Japan tie-up

US and Japan were moving more closer to India in the recent times. This combination turned even more stronger after the Doklam issue. Looks like, China is more concerned on the tie-up of US and Japan with India and hence the media sources from China started publishing articles saying US and Japan were using India as a pawn. Considering the emotional levels of Indians, China is trying to use its media to make India move against its allies.

With Japan and India going on for mutual industrial and infrastructural tie-ups and US coming ahead to help India in defense and infrastructure, China is making sure that the things gets worse between these friendly nations. China mentioned that it is not interested to see a third party nation coming into the controversial territory mentioning Arunachal Pradesh as Chinese territory and Japan entering into this territory for infrastructure improvement. Stay tuned to know what China does more to trigger Indians.