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China Vs India – Effect of war situation on China

China dares India, says ready for ‘all-out confrontation’

Looks like Chinese government is not able to decide on the border issue. It is known that Chinese government gave warning to India lot of times in the Doklam issue but India is not ready to have a back step on this aspect. On the other hand, USA’s destroyer ships too were coming close to Chinese territories in South China sea and the nation is said to have sent 10 notices to USA, which they too ignored.

In this scenario, China is not able to think on whether they have to go for war or have a peace settlement with India. Most scary thing for China is that the democratic nation of India was ready with series of Brahmos missiles on the border. It is almost impossible for China to intercept these missiles as they are the fastest cruise missiles in the world (2.8 to 3 Mach speed). Adding to this, India has the support of US, Russia and Japan which will make it even tough for China if it decides to go for war. Vietnam and Philippines which were the nations surrounding China in Asia ordered for Brahmos missiles on emergency basis.

India’s recent agreement with USA makes the western giant to dock their war ships in Indian ports which allows USA to get more close to China through the Indian ocean. A report from a Chinese person from Australia recently turned popular in the internet and a point in that report focuses the fact that Chinese people are not interested in war. It is known that China has a one child policy from long time and most of the people in the military of China are the only sons for their parents. Hence the report says that the parents in China are not aspiring to go ahead with war and lose their children. One billion Chinese were said to oppose China’s decision to go on with a war and this means that even if China wins the war, there will be internal conflict in the nation which will destroy the existing politicians completely.